Project History

Chiang Rai Product Directory

To create excellence in quality of good and service standards

and build confidence in the marketing both nationally and internationally.



Chiang Rai Brand is a project conducted under the policies in according to Chiang Rai’s strategic development plan, OTOP Local Yet Global, and SMEs. The project shows significance in Chiang Rai’s economic development and increasing economic value.

The Office of Commercial Affair, Chiang Rai, was assigned to issue Chiang Rai Brand in 2016. The project is implemented in order to enhance quality product standards and promote the remarkable products of Chiang Rai. It is believed that the project implementation will result in the province’s products being more widely known and, thus, can be used as a strategy for proactive marketing, allowing greater opportunity for the OTOP, SMEs and community enterprises to have their products recognized in international markets.



  1. To advise SMEs and OTOP entrepreneurs amendment/improvement of their product to greater fit the current and long-term market demand, of which the products shall be guaranteed by Chiang Rai Brand
  2. To promote the promulgation of Chiang Rai Brand
  3. To support and promote proper packaging of souvenirs from Chiang Rai
  4. To improve a good reputationand brand image of goods and services of Chiang Rai
  5. To develop and increase distribution channels for both national and international (AEC countries) markets


Targeting Chiang Rai Brand Authorized Users

       SMEs,OTOP , and community enterprises in Chiang Rai


Available Product Categories for Chiang Rai Brand Application 

  1. Food and beverage
  2. Textiles and clothing
  3. Non-consumption goods, decorating items and souvenirs
  4. Non-food/medical herbal products
  5. Tourism and services
  6. Other goods and products


Benefits for Chiang Rai Brand Approved Users

Goods and services that are approved to be qualify for Chiang Rai Brand will gain benefits as follow.


  1. The approved goods and services will be promoted as the highlight products of Chiang Rai.
  2. The approved goods and services will be selected to be exhibited in relevant national and international trade fair events, on behalf of Chiang Rai.
  3. Long-term promotion, as well as an improvement of the approved goods and services to increase marketing channels will be managed.

Committee members  [N1] and Sub Committee members who permit the use of Chiang Rai Brand Logo

  • Sub Committee members who are responsible for product inspection and checking product qualifications,  will decide which products are valid for the use of Chiang Rai Brand Logos.
  • Committee members  [N2] have the authoriity to give the final decision on which inspected products can use Chiang Rai Brand


Chiang Rai Brand Logo


Component : Triangle-liked figure with its steepest point is placed towards the north direction. The bas of the triangle represents Nang-non Mountain with the term “Chiang Rai Brand” beneath



Triangle-like figure represents  the Golden Triangle; the area where three countries (Thailand, Lao and Myanmar)and two main rivers (Khong and Ruak) converge, which is one of the world-known tourist attractions and significant economic area.

A triangle pointing towards the north demonstrates a soaring ambitious which indicates that Chiang Rai would keep developing better goods and services and being accepted internationally

Nang-non mountain (Doi Nang-Non) is where the Great holy relic pagoda (Pra That Doi Tung), known as one of the most important sanctuaries in the region since Lanna era, is located.  Doi Nang-non figure is used in the brand logo as to demonstrate Chiang Rai identity and that it links to the origin of Chiang Rai products

Golden color : demonstrates prosperity, advancement and valuable beauty

Roman alphabet“Chiang Rai Brand” at the base of the logo :demonstrates that the products’ quality yield international and universal standards, and are ready for international market.



Chiang Rai Brand Logo


– Good and Service Categories

  • Food and beverage
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Non-consumption goods, decorating items and souvenirs
  • Non-food/medical herbal products
  • Tourism and services
  • Other goods and products

Photo Gallery: the meeting of executive commitee

– Chiang Rai Brand Logo